01 Aug 2015
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A good question to ask when undertaking anything, especially building an app when a few hundred launch every day. Of those hundreds of apps, many are quite good, some excellent, and yet 99% go completely unnoticed.

Success for Wrytr is simply found in making something that’s been worked on, in many incarnations, for a long, long time, and finally see it take form to satisfaction. The process has been an exercise in increasing skills, knowing unknowns and making them knows, all while creating new unknowns. All of that, while continuing a life-long enjoyment of making things that started with Lego, moved to wood, elevated to words, transitioned to interactive, and now is in iOS app form.

Every step of every maker process has taught lessons that helped drive success in other areas, which is important and something always recommended to anyone in any field. It’s simple: if you really are doing what you should do, you love what you do even when you’re doing it for no pay. Employing aspects of your job skills, and testing new ones you’ve yet to be paid for, should come with the same joy as cashing a check. If not, you should find something new.

This process that started a long time ago with an email to friends asking them to write about things, using certain words, and within word counts to win a prize (a bumper sticker from a burrito shop in San Diego). That turned into a website called Too complex, that was, so it simplified into something on the web called That wasn’t exactly right, so the concept was simplified even more to where it best fit in app form.

Wrytr is something that is meant to encourage those that don’t know what to say to write, and to give the prolific ones something to use for a little fun.

The long road has Wrytr in a new format and home where finally where it’s good enough for now. Hopefully when it launches, people find the app, and with it find the joy in writing. Hopefully the joy equals that found in making Wrytr.

Thank you for reading.


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